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    Button fills canvas


      I've been using this software for sometime, since macromedia had it in fact. I never used to have any problems with quickly putting together a layout for my webdesigns. Now for some reason when I try to create a button, every so often the button seems to fill the canvas. I'll try and explaine a little more.


      I create the symbol: button. Develop it to the behaviour I want and test it


      Some buttons work fine, but every so often the selection anchors appear around the button symbol and there are 4 more anchore points in each corner of the canvas. So when I go to select another object, it selects the symbol that has the anchors in the corners, covering the canavas.


      I'm not talking about the slice either. The slice is neatly situated around the object. And I'm no stranger to photoshop and its selection tool that leaves stray pixels off canvas so `I have used the selection inverse to make sure there are no stray pixels that might encourage the software to detect and cover the whole canvas.


      If there is anyone haveing this problem or has figured out how to fix it, I'd love to know how it happens in the 1st place and how to get around it. It's driving me insane!!