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    simple question about flex and AS 3.0

      Hi, this might sound like a simple question so I apologize... I have both a copy of flex 2 and 3, and i want to simply code in AS 3.0 not mxml. I referred to the help of both flex 2 and 3, and all i could come up with is "you can add dynamic behavior to your documents using actionscript", which means to me, you only write your functions in AS and create instances with mxml (...ugh). personally, i find mxml to be ugly (mainly because it looks like html to me), and i'd rather not use it. coming from programming in an IDE in Java, it seems like it would be nicer to have something similar, all the while having the power and cool features of flash. I'm not fully educated in this matter so i understand that i could be totally wrong.

      i mean, if i have to code in mxml, i will. i'm a web programmer for a living, and if a more experience programmer said something like "if you don't code mxml in flex, you'll never get a job coding in flex", i would trust the advice, and learn the ugly code. :)

      yes, i do have Flash cs3, it's great but it seems like a pain to me the way you organize classes.... i've only seen a few tutorials, ones that explain how you cannot simply import a custom class, you have tell your movie to link to it, put it in the same directory, or manually name the package, it's sort of confusing.

      my main point here is that i'm very eager to start building apps in straight AS 3.0 instead of using flash cs3 (for some projects), and it would be cool to get some help or be pointed in the right direction.

      to simplify:

      can i write AS 3.0 and only as 3.0 in flex 2 or 3? how? can you link me to a tutorial? any advise?