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    "PRINTED ON" Customized Text Field: Need to edit it/work on it/save it

    Chris TMC



      A while ago someone online did a great thing for me- they helped me create a Text field that would type "This document was printed on _________" and include whatever day the pdf form was printed off our employer's intranet site.


      I had a shortcut to it in my favorites and would click on it and plave it on every new document I needed it to be on.


      Since the computer I was using suddenly crashed, I cannot find the details of how to set this up again. I have a pdf form that includes the box, but when I open it in LiveCycle, it is just blank.


      This is what I saved:



      I use this "Printed On" textbox ALL the time, and I need to figure out what to do to get it working again quickly.


      If there is anyone who could help me, I could also send you a sample of a form that includes it- then you can see exactly what I mean.


      If someone could remind me how to program this kind of thing in once again and save it in LiveCycle, then explain how I can put it on another computer as well, I would really, REALLY appreciate it.




      PS- this one as I had it only prints on one page. If it could somehow print on EVERY page without me having to click and add it to every single page individually, that would be even better... but first things first!

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          Chris TMC Level 1

          THIS is what I saved:



          <field h="8.4935mm" name="PrintedOn" w="141.0398mm" x="-0.0001mm" y="0mm" xmlns="http://www.xfa.org/schema/xfa-template/2.5/">
                   <border hand="right" presence="hidden">
                      <?templateDesigner StyleID aped0?></border>
             <font size="18pt" typeface="Tahoma" weight="bold">
                   <color value="221,221,221"/>
             <para hAlign="center" vAlign="middle"/>
             <bind match="none"/>
             <event activity="prePrint" ref="$host">
                <script>$.rawValue = concat("This document was printed on: ", num2date(date(), DateFmt(1)));</script>