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    I get to build 2 workstations for my firm,,,, here is the debate.

    Orko Spokane

      First off how cool is it to be tasked with this and get paid to do it!  We will use mostly RED footage and P2 from the larger cameras.


      Anyhow, my boss has a computer science background and asked someone he knew to go over my specs... a guy form Seneca.  Anyhow, I want the Areca 1880 with 2GB cache and his guy indicated it was too much.  I don't think this guy knows we were using the workstations for HD video editing and not simple data.


      Also, the guy said we should get RAID 6 ????  I want RAID 3.  Using a 10K system disk and 6 10K 600GB velociraptor WD in the RAID.  I thought RAID 3 wrote a lot faster especially in this config.  And also that a RAID controller with 512MB memory would not handle.  So am I right?


      So far:

      Win7 64

      MOBO Supermicro X8DAi, 5520 chipset

      Duel Hex core Xenon E5645 2.4GHz

      24 GB RAM

      and the Nvidia GeForce GTX570 card


      As for the card I want the Qudro 4000 because there is a guy here who does 3D on Autodesk.  SO I will try and get one of each for the two stations.


      I want to use one 30" flatscreen to work on and send my program to a large HD monitor for clients/mastering.  The GTX570 has an HDMI port... anyone done this?


      Opinion please beacuse I do mot want to dissappoint.  Also, I have abig budget.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Both RED material and P2 do require lots of space. They are quite large files. From that perspective raid3 is better suited than raid5/6, but with a  large number of disks is may be good to consider a raid3 with a hot-spare for redundancy. Saying raid3 also means Areca and your choice of the 1880 is the best available. It may be worth to look at 4 GB cache instead of 2 GB in view of the size of the source material.


          I personally would prefer Hitachi 7K3000 disks over the Velociraptors. They are almost equally fast, despite the lower RPM's and with your material the fill rate will be lower, and thus performance degradation is less and the cost is lower.

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            Orko Spokane Level 1

            Interesting... I will look into the drives a little harder.  Kinda nice getting to bu

            ild a dream box on the companies dime.  We ran the numbers and the box will be making money and be paid for in three months.  Awesome.