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    Users unable to launch Adobe Reader


      Hi there,


      Recently my company deployed Adobe Reader 10.0.1 to all our clients via an SCCM deployment.


      We are now seeing some users having issues with lauching the Adobe reader application to view PDF documents.


      A user will click on an .pdf file and you will see the reader application flash in the start bar but will not open....nothing will happen but sometimes after up to 10 minutes they may(or may not) get the following error: FATAL ERROR: Acrobat failed to connect a DDE server.


      If the user right clicks on a pdf document they can select open in Internet Explorer and it will view fine, this is also the case with web based documents.


      It appears to be user related as I can log into the same machine and launch the reader fine.


      Is there a user cache or something I can delete? I have attempted repairs/reinstalls...running the following -


      msiexec /famus {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AA0000000001}


      With no luck whatsoever..


      HELP please....