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    MacBook Pro VS. Desktop Workstation: Positives & Negatives

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      I am creating comedy shorts (1 to 5 minutes)  to upload to YouTube and other websites.  I'm shooting in HDV on a Canon HV20.  I am thinking about buying a new 15 inch or 17 inch MacBook Pro with an i7 processor.  I read that it's best not to partition hard drives because it slows things down.  And I've read it's good to use at least 3 different physical disks on an editing machine, one for  OS/programs, one for media, and one for pagefile/scratch/renders.  And to add RAID for even more speed and performance.


      My situation is, although I'd love to get a powerful desktop workstation, I am having to be away from home quite a bit taking my parents to medical appointments and spending time in waiting rooms and also at their home.  I'm thinking a laptop would allow me to edit and do other work while not at home.

      I am thinking about buying the MacBook Pro instead of a desktop workstation.


      My questions are:


      1. Should I not put a partition on the laptop drive for the operating system and programs so that I don't lose performance?

      2. I'm thinking I can just keep the current projects on the laptop drive and when finished, I can offload them to another drive and just capture my next projects on the laptop drive.

      3. If I have external firewire (and hopefully at some point, Thunderbolt) drives for backup and archiving, do you think this would work ok?

      4. I know Apple is selling Pegasus Raid Boxes for $1000 and up, but then I'd have to lug the box around with me.  Or am I not seeing that correctly?

      5. I would upgrade the RAM to 8GB and get the 7200 RPM drive, which is limited to 500GB.  That would only give me maybe 300-400GB to work with.

      6. As for a laptop, does anyone have a better alternative than a MacBook Pro?

      7. Since the new Macs aren't using any Mercury Playback Engine-approved graphic cards, do new Mac owners not get any benefit from the MPE?

      8. Does anyone see a better way for me to work away from home than what I've described?


      Thanks alot for all the help on the forums.