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    Sometimes, trashing the Preferences is not enough!!!

    Maria964 Level 1

      I have a new PC (i2600 K, windows 7, CS 5.5, two 24 inches screens – a dream machine…)


      I installed CS 5.5 and I have noticed 3 or 4 days after that each time I switch from an application that is running too, Indesign always took around 10 seconds to regain focus. And that happens with all the software (Illustrator, CorelDraw, Word 2010, MathType, Photoshop, etc. (it was even happening from changing from the automatic windows scrensaver back to Indesign).


      I was desesparated. Having to wait 10 seconds after changing a linkeg graphic drives anyone crasy as everybody can imagine.


      I TRASHED THE PREFERENCES AND EVERYTHING WAS OK FOR AROUND 10 MINUTES AND THE PROBLEM STARTS AGAIN. After two days I have decided to uninstall CS 5.5, and cleaned everything with the Adobe Cleaning Script.

      No way. My nightmare started again.

      Next I formated the disk, reinstalled Windows and all the other software needed, started to work and everything OK. I have used ID during two days and everything OK.


      AND THEN…


      I went to get my script collection that I have been collecting for some years (around 50 scripts – many of them coded by the nice guys of this forum) and transferred them to the respective ID folder and started to work again. After 10 minutes the problem happened again.

      So the bottom line is this: if ID behaves erratically and trashing the preferences and all other stuff does not work try cleaning your script folder.


      Did anyone ever see this behaviour in ID? Does anyone have an explanation?


      Best regards,




      PS. All my the scripts are nicelly arranged in folders by scope…