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    How can I input data from a Frontend site into a Backend SWF, pull data, then send back to Front?


      So here's what I'm trying to figure out...


      I have a site with an SWF that I can put some metrics into, such as ZIP Code, Weight, etc..    then, it takes that info and gives me shipping rates.


      I need to build a front-end site that I can have a forms page that will push data to the backend SWF, and then return the data back from the SWF to the front end.


      Any ideas how to do that?


      Front-end -> SWF (Zip Code, Weight, Size) -> *Calculates* -> Front-End


      That should be the flow..     So I need to send data to the backend, GET the data that it calculated, and return the results to my front-end.


      Thanks Much..  any questions, please ask..