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    Need v11.5 Xtras for e-mail, saving list variables


      Hi all,


      I'm working on a new DVD project that needs to run on the latest Windows and Mac platforms, but am having trouble finding Xtras that have been updated for Director 11.5 and have been recompiled for Intel-based Macs.


      Specifically, I am looking for Xtras with these features:


      1. Ability to send e-mails. DirectEMail appears to be the most-recommended, but the newest version I see is dated 2004. StarSoft has an Xtra that only lists Windows platforms as compatible. Is there anything good out there for Director 11.5 for both platforms?


      2. Ability to save/retrieve Lingo variables (specifically lists) to/from a disk file. I've looked at both PropSave (appears to be very outdated - 2002?) and vList (newest version is 11.5-compatible, but appears to be discontinued - no obvious way to order from their web site). Can anyone suggest anything?


      Many thanks in advance!