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    Help with importing video; smaller F.O.V. than recorded.

    mfmiracleman Level 1

      I am importing clips that I shot on my Canon EOS 60D.


      They are 1080p 24fps .MOV files. I may have trouble explaining my problem, so bear with me.


      The image that is given to me in Premiere is considerably smaller than what I originally recorded on the camera. I am only given a portion of the image. For example, I have a shot where my parents were at the edges of the frame on my LCD. I imported the clip to Premiere and cannot see them at all, I can only see the very center of the shot.


      I'm not sure if I'm shooting with the wrong settings on the camera, selecting the wrong sequence options, or importing the clips incorrectly or something.


      If anyone can help me, it would help a lot! Thank you in advance.