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    MCM capability

    Kyongchil Park

      I see some description about WEM MCM (Marketing Campaign Management) that says something below.


      • Ability to dynamically define fine grained customer segments based on analytics.
      • Unified system for creating, testing and optimizing personalized and targeted offers and delivering them to fine-grained customer segments.
      • Real-time analytics integrated with a complete set of targeting, testing & campaign management tools allows measurement across customer segments and digital channels.
      • Ability to do MVT testing, A/B testing.


      Are those functions delivered by WEM? or does it need to be integrated other product/service like Omniture Test&Target?


      I want to be very clear which functions are from pure WEM.


      Also what is ClicksteramCloud?





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          G. Walt Adobe Employee



          To understand the WEM/CQ5 MCM feature, you can watch the following screencast:



          CQ5 provides the features that you have listed, which are already quite powerful, but Omniture Test&Target brings testing to the next level:

          • Testing against realistic goals that can happen later in the visitor's journey (not just measuring click-throughs)
          • Maintain consistency of targeted offers from offsite exposure (display ads, email) through to onsite activity
          • Real multivariate testing (testing the winning combination of elements)
          • Test content in emails as well
          • and much  more.


          The Clickstream Cloud, also called Context Cloud is the user information stored on the client-side (in the browser), such as the  stream of pages the user clicked-through (in the form of  aggregated tags from each visited page), as well as many other user-context information (such as the screen resolution, the navigator info, IP address, etc.). If the user is logged-in it also contains the user profile information.


          Btw, just found these two articles on the Clickstream Cloud: