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    black screen after splashscreen / iPad


      Hi all,


      I tried to add a splashscreen in my flex mobile project by adding the splashScreenImage attribute on my Application tag.

      My splashscreen is named splash.png


      I encounter 2 issues :

      1/ if I don't put a 'Default.png' file on my src folder, when the application start, it start with a black screen and the splashscreen appears after 1 or 2 seconds

      2/ When the 'Default.png' file is present, it works well, the application start with the 'Default.png'. But just after this 'Default.png' splashscreen, we can see a black screen for 1 second juste before the 'splash.png' splashscreen.


      Is it a known bug ?

      Is it possible to have the splashscreen visible unitl the complete loading of the app and see the 'splash.png' screen without the black screen stepe ? (as the native behavior)


      Thanks in advance for your feedback.



      PS : I ever tried to set splashScreenMinimumDisplayTime at 2000 or more. The issue is the same, always have this black screen.