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    Context Sensitive ID Opens wrong help section RH9

    Mark Southee Level 2

      I have a help ID that when accessed via the software, displays the incorrect help section. I've checked everything, from the FM source, to the link assigned in the Map file, to the ID being called in the software. The URL in the browser window is also correct


      It always opens the same (incorrect) part of the help, but the section it opens is not even close to the correct section.




      I now what it is doing, but not a clue why!


      I have a section called Additional Frames, which is repeated numerous times throughout the FM chapter. When RH pulls these in, it numbers them Additional_Frames1, Additional_Frames2, etc.


      The link is set to Additional_Frames10 in the Map file. However when the help is being called from the software, the URL is this:




      The XREF is correct, but it thinks it is Frames5 not Frames10




      I'm very confused.com




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