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    Dynamic rendering of FXG - expert opinion needed!


      I need to build a Flash application that can dynamically load and display FXG files from a remote database.

      In Silverlight this would be straightfoward (you would load XAML) but it is not clear whether this is going to be possible with Flash at all. The solutions might be:

      1. Flash Player natively supports dynamic loading of FXG, and addition of described graphics to a canvas or similar object

      2. Someone writes ActionScript to parse FXG inside the Flash player and add the graphics to a canvas or similar object.

      Does anyone have any ideas about what is possible with Flex 4, or what might be possible in the future?

      Desperate to nail the answer on this one!

      Best, Dominic
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          i am also looking for this.

          Hopefully, Flash player supports the format natively in the future like as easy as loading a jpg

          But meanwhile i am sure it will be relativly simple to implement a renderer/parser for FXG with AS3 (willing to start that soon)

          It will be a god send for CMS applications for Flash websites. (Having FXG editor and renderer)

          I am %100 sure it will be possible to do this since FXG format is based on Flash player rendering capabilities



          Ali Tan Ucer