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    Spark VideoPlayer only connect on _definst_

    Ricardo F. S. Cruz

      Hi, i'm trying to make a pre-recorded live stream with FMS 4.0 using Spark VideoPlayer.


      The server code is:


      var myStream = Stream.get("liveStream");



      I put my videoFile.flv in folder "applications/myApplication/instanceXX/videoFile.flv"


      In my client i have a VideoPlayer with this code:


      <s:VideoPlayer width="100%" height="100%" id="player" includeIn="playing"




      dymSource.host = "rtmp://mydomain.com/myApplication/instanceXX";

      dymSource.streamType = StreamType.LIVE;

      dymVideoItem = new DynamicStreamingVideoItem();

      dymVideoItem.streamName = "liveStream";

      dymSource.streamItems = new Vector.<DynamicStreamingVideoItem>();


      player.source = dymSource;



      Monitoring the FMS console i found a instance of "myApplication" called "instanceXX" because my application have a chat feature and it works fine. In this instance i found a stream called "liveStream" with the publishing status. Fine!


      But, when i try to play the live streaming on the client, my player don't connect to the "liveStream" in my "instanceXX", instead a new instance called _definst_ is opened on FMS with the "liveStream" but there's no valid stream on this resource.


      I try to do it with MX VideoDisplay and work perfectly.

      Could you help me?