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    Adobe 10 ReaderX debugger.js not working & security Issues




      I am trying to get this javascript http://johnford.is/downloads/pdf_bookmark.js working.  It enables a bookmark in Adobce Reader and apparently quit working in version 10 under windows 7.  I copied the code here C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat\10.0\JavaScripts.  But when I copy the debugger.js which ships with Adobe it does not work eiter complaining about syntax: 


      ReferenceError: getString is not defined



      My more important question is not how to get the debugger working but how to get the code working to create the bookmark.  I tried to change all the enhanced security and options in the javascript preferences screen.  I think something else is required not to get this code work because of security in Adobe 10.  If you look at comments the developer left in the code they had to add code to get it working because of security in Adobe 8:





      * Extra security in Adobe Reader 8 forces access of global variables

      * by multiple documents to be setup as a 'trustedFunction'


      getPDFBookmark = app.trustedFunction ( function() {


          return global.pdf_bookmark;



      Bottom line is the new bookmark feature in Adobe 10 is cumbersome and not intuitive and I want to use what this other developer wrote.  A bookmark should be 1-click and as natural as placing a bookmark in a book.  Duh!  No one at Adobe understands that. 
      chau from Chile.
      Walker Rowe