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    Align MathType equations in InDesign




      Anyone know how to align mathtype equations in InDesign CS 4 automatic? I read many discussions topics here about scripts that apply equations and align, but I want to know if there are one way to use any script just to align the equations automatic in InDesign for MAC OS, there are any script that can do just that for Mac?





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          Cotovelobranco Level 1

          Hi Guys


          I'm just write this applescript to select mathtype equations and applying align in my story automatic


          tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"
              set myDocument to active document
              tell myDocument
                  set graphics from myDocument to (select graphic line)
                  set matchText to "%%Baseline: "
                  set theBaseline to ""
                  -- read in the EPS file
                  open for access myFile
                  set fileLines to read myFile as string using delimiter {return}
                  close access myFile
                  -- find the line with the baseline
                  set lapz to the number of items in fileLines
                  repeat until (lapz = 0) or theBaseline begins with the matchText
                      set theBaseline to item lapz of fileLines
                      set lapz to (lapz - 1)
                  end repeat
                  -- extract the baseline number
                  set theBaseline to characters -2 thru -1 of theBaseline as string
                  -- return the baseline number
                  return theBaseline & "pt" as string
              end tell
          end tell


          I don't know what's wrong to select the mathtype equations in my document story to apply the baseline, anyone can help me please?

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            mikizil Level 1


            If you work on PC, I think I can help you by my system of scripts (MT-Script).

            You can read more about it on my site (http://mtscript.ru) or in Scribd publication (http://www.scribd.com/doc/73272275/MT-Script-or-How-to-Work-With-MathType-Equations-in-InD esign).

            So, what you can do with my scripts? I think... all you need to prepare your publication very and very quickly.

            For example,

            • you can paste equations from Word into InDesign (you can work traditionally via exporting equations to Eqn00010.eps... and placing these equations into InDesign publication instead of texts with tags like this <<Eqn00010.eps>> ... but I'm just ready to suppose you new and very simple technick ... simply paste all doc-file WITH equations (like MathType objects) into InDesign and process it by MT-UnembedEqn script ... and that's all);
            • you can edit equations directly in InDesign as native objects;
            • you can create new equation in InDesign without Word;
            • you can format all or some equations at a moment directly in InDesign;
            • you can find and change in equations;
            • you can export InDesign publication to RTF with editable MathType equations. Yes! You can do it... It's very simple... one click procedure. The forward and backward conversion Word-InDesign have been perfectly created in MT-Script;
            • you can test it as full functional system from the second part of Friday till the end of Monday every week;
            • you can ask me about MT-Script (MathType+InDesign problems as well) just now --> mvlad48@gmail.com

            I'm very pleased to help you with MathType equations in InDesign.


            BUT if it's usefull for you I can create a limited version for Mac which can paste, adjust equations and exporting InDesign publication to RTF with editable equations.

            The functionality to create new equations and edit them in InDesign will be restricted because of I don't work with Mac and can't create a "bridge" program to start MathType directly from my scripts on Mac. Sorry.


            Thank you.