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    Computer case advice needed.

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        I would like to upgrade my computers case for better cooling, larger size, quieter running and to allow more internal hard drives to be fitted.

      I'm pretty much decided on the Coolermaster Haf X. All the reviews I've read seem favourable, i.e. great cooling/airflow, plenty of room, good build quality, etc, etc.

      There's one aspect that I would be particularly interested in hearing about, noise levels.  I'll upgrade my stock cooler for a better, quieter one, probably at the same time and I might add a fan controller if it's a worthwhile investment. But what I would really appreciate some advice on is if the Haf X is a good choice for a case, primarily for video editing, mainly regarding noise levels, or any other points that may be relevent.


      Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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          JEShort01 Level 4



          HAF-X is an awesome case. I use a HAF 932, but would have chosen the HAF-X if it wasn't too tall for my cabinet.


          The large 200/230mm fans are very quiet while still moving the air. I thought that I may need a fan controller, but you really don't.


          Make sure you get a quiet video card if noise is important; for GTX cards that means a non-reference design with more than one fan.


          Don't forget your power supply design either; I went with a super-sized (oversized for what I needed) Corsair AX1200 which can run fully loaded renders without ever needing to speed up its fan. If you have a properly sized power supply, most will need to move above "idle" to keep cool when you get your cpu cores a crankin'.


          If you need really quieter still, you will want a case that has noise baffles in the front (a design where you cannot "see" the fan(s)).





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            Zoop studio Level 1

            I like Fractal Design, type:Define R3 or the bigger Define XL:http://fractal-design.com/?view=start&category=2&prod=


            Neet design and very good sound/noise isolation

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              fred tyler Level 1

              Hi all,

              I have recently gotten out of an antec 1200 case and into coolermaster cosmos S.

              now while it is the uglyest case in 7 navies, it is 630mm deep and thats 1 of the requirements I wanted for my last rebuild.

              Now all my cables look a little tidy  ish.


              regards fred

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                JustinC123 Level 1

                Thanks very much for the information given. I'm looking forward to getting the new case and expanding my system a little further.

                My PSU and graphics card were only replaced a short while ago, so thankfully they'll suffice for now.


                I would be interested in hearing from any other Haf X owners on how satisified (or not, as the case maybe) you are with the noise levels whilst editing video.

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                  JKad Level 1

                  I have the HAF X and it is everything I wanted.  It is quiet with the stock case fans.  I use Speedfan to adjust fan speed but even at full speed, the stock fans are quiet and move a lot of air.  I take advantage of the removable bay (I only use one) for a backup HD.  Only complaint I have is that the case didn't come with stock connectors for the two USB 3.0 on the top front of the case.  In reality, I don't have any 3.0 devices so I modified the connectors to plug into an optional set of plugs on my MB.  The build quality of the case is the best I've had.  I don't need a second fan on the top of the case (it's optional) for cooling but if you want it or need it, it's there and you can get a fan from CM that will work (with some effort I understand).  The MB I have needed a case that could handle an oversize MB; this case does that with no problems.  I have 5 HD's, and the drive bays are fully occupied.  I would need to start using the external drive bays if I needed to add other disks; which I don't anticipate.  I don't use or care for external lighting but if you're into that, the front fan has LED's that you can turn on or off.  I don't move my case around much but if I did, I would be careful as the wheels don't look like they would take a lot of punishment.

                  I would recommend this case without reservations as long as it can accommodate your hardware.

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                    That's very helpful indeed. Thank you very much for such a comprensive reply