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    Mobile technique for sliding a large image with your finger?

    sinious Most Valuable Participant

      Hey all,


      I'm using the Phonegap integration in DWCS5.5 and I'm looking for a technique to allow a person to pan an image from left to right. This image will be considerably large. It will take up most of the screen vertically and horizontally it will be several thousand pixels. Essentially I'd like to make a panorama and let the user touch it and drag it left/right to see around the panorama image.


      I can do this with basic javascript on Android. It works just fine because the touchmove event fires off repeatedly letting me constantly update where the image is as I track the cursor (finger). On iOS the event only fires off AFTER the user pulls their finger away.


      Has anyone done this on iOS and has an approach to allowing a user to drag something?