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    ePub toc export woes...

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      I  must say, I was thrilled to read about all the new ePub export features of Indesign 5.5. But when I started used it with complex books, I found that it was a little buggy. I'm not sure that the way they have rewritten it, especially the way they build the toc, is optimal. I find my TOC style changes sometimes after I Sync documents (entries move). I'm also not sure that it is intelligent enough to handle multiple heading styles with the same indent level (the order of these appears important). It might have been better for them to follow the new heading tags associated with export tagging for building the ePub toc.


      You will get errors if you are missing an export level; for example, if you have a document with a level 1 and level 3 head, but no level 2 heading, as defined in the toc style. Other tools I've used in the PDF world, will throw in an "unknown" level for a missing level. You will also have problems with, say 2 documents, where the first has a level 1 and level 2 head, and the second continues with more level 2 heads. This tool requires you to have a level 1 and 2 in the same document to not generate an error or create improper indenting in the ePub toc. I wish it was more intelligent and just process the headings as it sees them and not "reset" its logic when it comes upon a new file.


      So for basic documents, things will probably work fine, but for others, it may be a struggle for you. Hopefully someone will see this post and not spend as much time as I did in trying to overcome some of the shortcomings. I believe they are on the right track, but they need to tighten this up a bit.


      It also doesn't appear that the automatic 300K file splitting is working anymore, probably because they give you 1 paragraph style to split on (I wish you could select more than 1 by the way to split upon).


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          I installed an InDesign update from June, which I realized I didn't have. While I'm not sure this did much of anything for this topic, I did have some success in the TOC styles when I told it not to pull styles from all the documents. Import the styles from each one of your documents into your master file and just use it when picking paragraph styles and levels in the TOC styles dialog. I used the grouping/folders of styles to keep them separate and organized.