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    Additional Transitions


      I bought Premiere Elements 9 two days ago and I am surprised how few transitions come with it. I have installed the content from the content CD. Is there a way to add additional transitions?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are several suppliers of Transitions. New BlueFX is one, as many of their Effects can be used as Transitions, and ProDAD's Adorage is the same. Probably the ultimate is Pixelan's SpiceMaster, as you can customize nearly every aspect of the Transitions.


          Are there some specific Transitions that you are looking for?


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            MovieMaker2011 Level 1

            Are you serious?


            I just purchased the program and now have to go and buy an add-on to get more transitions?I should have stayed with iMovie!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I just looked at my PrE 4.0, and there were 114 Transitions in it. I have not added any more myself, as I seldom use anything but a Butt-Cut, Cross-Dissolve and Fade to Black(Dip to Black in Video-speak). I have Pixelan's SpiceMaster for my PrPro, in case I need any more, or need to create something custom. I can also create variations on many Transitions, by Keyframing many Effects, so everything is covered.


              Which Transitions are you missing, that you need?


              Going back many years, I had the ultimate HollywoodFX collection for Pinnacle Studio. Think that it had about 400 Transitions. Other than the ones mentioned above, I think that I only used two of the HollywoodFX Transitions, over about 8 years. To me, a Transition should be part of the "story," and should convey the passage of time, a change in location, or a combo of the two. I never want to produce work, where anyone actually notices the Transition - it should be seamless, and only convey some aspect of the story. I have seldom wished for more Transitions, and then again, have Pixelan for the few others, that I feel that I need.


              Were I doing weddings, I would probably use Pixelan a bit more, because of the Shapes that one can use, but they do not fit with any narrative, corporate, or dramatic work, so I never have the need.


              If iMovie has exactly what you want, then I would use that.


              Happy editing,



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                MovieMaker2011 Level 1

                I am not at my own computer at the moment, but I think there are about 50 transitions (if that) in P.E.9. I am beginner to intermediate. Because I am still learning, I rely on the transitions to "make" the movie, although I do not overuse them by any means. I usually use cross dissolve but it is nice to add one or two more. I was hoping that PE9 would give me more than iMovie 9 does.


                Maybe I should buy some additional transitions if they are not too expensive. I am horrified I have to do this, though.


                As for which ones I want, I really don't know. It depends on the movie I am making at the time. The onces in PE9 seem pretty basic to me.


                You mentioned keyframing many effects. I have no idea what that is but would love to learn. Can you help?


                (If it's of any consequence, my friend just bought PhotoDex (basic version) and she created a movie that looks like a pro did it. With PE9 the way it is I can't compete

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Meantime, the program does comes with 87 video transitions and 275 preset video effects, many of which can also be used as transitions -- as well as the Gradient Wipe, which can be used to create custom transitions based on almost any design.


                  That's usually plenty to get people started. Have you really exhausted all of those options already?

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                    MovieMaker2011 Level 1

                    Actually, no, and that number should be enough. Maybe I am not looking in the right place. I did play with some of the transitions but there certainly didn't appear to be that number of transitions there. I did install the content CD. I wonder if it is seeing those files, though.


                    I bought Elements as a means of working up to Premier Pro. I already have the CS4 design suite.


                    Are there any books or web sites that explain how you can manipulate these transitions? I know each transition usually has a few settings you can adjust, such as the length of the transition, but I am getting the feeling I need to learn how to use effects and transitions.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      For some additonal resources for learning PrE, see this ARTICLE. You will see Steve Grisetti's name mentioned several times. That is the same Steve Grisetti, you just replied above. He has written several books on PrE (and PSE, and also Sony's DVD Architect), and has several Learning Series on the "sister Web site," Muvipix.com.


                      Going back up to your question on Keyframing, I strongly recommend his Basic Keyframing series on Muvipix.com.


                      He also covers a lot of neat operations in his Tips & Tricks book and Web series. Not to be missed.


                      I am wondering if perhaps that additional Functional Content did not install, or install properly?


                      Good luck,



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                        MovieMaker2011 Level 1

                        Thank you so much! Perhaps I will try to reinstall the content CD again.


                        I appreciate the reference you quoted. I will certainly look into them.


                        I think I need to go through this learning curve to really know what I am doing .


                        Thanks again!

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          And, if you're interested, you can see my free 8-part Basic Training tutorials on Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.



                          My books can be found on Amazon.com and through the Muvipix book store.


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                            MovieMaker2011 Level 1

                            Thank you very much. I did briefly look at your site and saw lots of things that would help me immensely

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                              MovieMaker2011 Level 1

                              Spicemaster is not presently available for the Mac. Still investigating the other two - ProDad's Adorage and New BlueFX.

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                                MovieMaker2011 Level 1

                                How do you use a video effect as a transition? Are there any tutorials?

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                                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                  The articles on creating custom transitions using the Gradient Wipe or using Video Presets as transitions can be found in the subscripers only area of http://Muvipix.com. Just type "Custom Transitions" in the product search box.

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                                    MovieMaker2011 Level 1

                                    Thank you very much