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    Default visibility?



      i have a acro form set up so that as the user makes certain selections, only the applicable options show up hiding non-aplicable fields.

      Then the next page shows the results of what the user has selected and the price.


      My issue is that with my reset button, all the fields are reset but the fields don't all reset to their default visiblity.

      How would i do this in Javascript?


      I had thought that a crude way of fixing this would be a bunch of "display.hidden" statements for all of the possible visible fields, but they don't all seem to be working.


      Also, i thought that since i have a bunch of "Back" buttons, if there was a way to trigger them all that would also solve my problem.

      So is there a way to trigger multiple buttons from one button?


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I would create a function to reset the field, that calls resetForm() to

          reset the values (that's all it can do), and a bunch of other code to set

          the default visibility settings. There's no reason changing the display

          property to display.hidden (not in quotes!) wouldn't work...


          You can't trigger the MouseUp action of buttons, but what you can do is call

          the same function that they are calling, if you placed the code inside


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            MediaSLML Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply


            I have my reset button use the included actions to reset the form.

            Then i add run a javascript with code like this....


            this.getField("ATTACH 11Nozzleoption").display = display.hidden;

            this.getField("ATTACH 21Nozzleoption").display = display.hidden;

            this.getField("ATTACH 13Nozzleoption").display = display.hidden;

            this.getField("ATTACH 25Nozzleoption").display = display.hidden;

            this.getField("ATTACH 15Nozzleoption").display = display.hidden;


            And so on for many many more fields...


            For the other buttons i used the "actions" instead of code, (When i started working on this form i didn't realize/know you could work with code. Also i didn't know that the actions would be fairly clunky to tweak...). So it looks like i'll have to look though my code for errors

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              MediaSLML Level 1

              I've double checked bits of my code regarding some of the fields that don't disapear.

              So far there isn't any spelling errors nor any JS errors either.


              Would there be anything that would block that code from working?


              I can seem to find and plausible reason. The Field in question is made visible from a button using an action (not code). But i have plety of other fields like that, that do work. Any ideas? Work arounds?

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                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I see no reason why it shouldn't work. If you want, you can send me the file

                in question to and I'll have a look.