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    Flex-like application development in PHP


      Did you know that you can go Flex but in PHP?

      There exists PHP framework that actually combines the best of the Flex (like MXML, data binding and overall simplicity) with the power of PHP and HTML to nice package (framework) called Pexeso.


      In Pexeso like in Flex you design user interface using XML and there you can uses also data binding to bind the UI elements properties in XML to a PHP code without actually writing any function or method. Unlike the Flex the Pexeso uses HTML for layout and rendering with it's powerful cascaded style-sheets. And also unlike the Flex it is server side running code that can directly communicate with data source so there is no need for writing  interface to data source back-and and dealing with asynchronous communication.


      If you like Flex and you are also familiar with the PHP you should definitely check it out.