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    Printing to an HP-1606DN and the "Bitmap" Option

    ukzembla Level 1



      I'm trying to print my ID document as spreads, using CS5.5 on a Mac with 10.6. My printer is an HP 1606DN. By default, in the "Advanced" section of printing, "Print as Bitmap" is ticked. This takes *hours* to print a long document (well, realistically, maybe 30 minutes for a 250pp document, which is waaay too long). If I disable this, it screws up the rotation of the spreads and always prints the page in portrait orientation with some of the spread missing, no matter what options I change.


      Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? I can export as PDF and then print from Preview very quickly - this is the quickest but fiddliest solution. I believe I have all the latest drivers for my printer from HP too, and it's a decent, modern printer so I'm struggling to see what the problem is, which I don't have with other software.


      Thanks for any help anyone can give!