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    Help for a novice


      I want to make a flash animation that makes an object move across the screen to a certain point, depending on what is typed into a text box, and i want many of these moving objects at once, so that you can type in a number and then the object moves to that point. Can this be done?I have used flash but have done verry little with the actions of flash, so please walk me through any actions that will need doing





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll likely have to do some footwork of your own as far as coming up to speed with using code in Flash, unless someone here is willing to write a tutorial especially for you.


          You can most likely do what you want, and you can have the movement triggered either by clicking a button after entering the text or by having a listener for the textfield for when it changes such that a change in the text can be used to trigger the animation.