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    "No text target or text model" when accessing notes inside table cells.


      I'm using the InDesign Automation Objects through Delphi to scan all the notes inside a document and that works fine as long as the notes aren't inside tables.


      For those notes inside tables as soon as I try to get the instance for a note I get the error "No text target or text model". Tried several ways of scanning the document to get to the notes but it doesn't make a difference.


      Here's my code:


          for I := 1 to FDoc.Stories.Count do

            for J := 1 to FDoc.Stories.Item[I].Tables.Count do

              for K := 1 to FDoc.Stories.Item[I].Tables.Item[J].Notes.Count do

                Note := FDoc.Stories.Item[I].Tables.Item[J].Notes.Item[K];


      The last line throws the error.


      This seems like an InDesign bug, or is there maybe something wrong with the document or a different way to get the note content?