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    How to move ahead with the flex/php application structure

    vish.sid73 Level 1



      Its been a week since I strated learning Flex. I am a regular php web develeper.  Since starting the flex learning I have got one thing there is no concept of "pages" in flex like in a regular php web site..there is "States".


      Now I have  this project requireing a login and then as per login user role different screens.


      Lets say three loging roles 1) teacher 2)Student 3) Admin


      Screens for each role will be diffrent as each have diffrent dashboard feature. I am confused with the structure i have decided is correct or not. Please review or suggest how to accomplish this.


      • The main.mxml will have login form.
      • it will have three states teacher, student, admin. and then these three will have sub states for particular roles features.


      While going to one book I read a  mxml file has atleast 1 state so can the structure be like this. (Is this possible or not)

      • main.mxml will have login form
      • three mxml files for teacher student admin and each will have statets for their respective features.
      Please reply. I am trying to find out by reading the documentation properly. But your guidance will speed things up and help me  understand things quickly.