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    CS5 crash when importing from external library




      I am using Flash CS5 on Win7 64 bit. I have made a flash site. On this site I am trying to add a photo gallery. I bought a flash XML photogallery from Active Den. The gallery is working fine but to get this into my site I need to import the library items into my flash site fla file. What happens is this. I drag the main movie clip from the photo gallery fla onte the stage of my flash site fla. So far so good. When publishing it shows up but without some parts.


      When trying to import the missing items from the photo gallery fla to my flash site fla the program crashes. Done it a billion times now and allways the same result. All but the main movie clip causes the program to crash on importing/dragging to stage.


      Installed the latest updates but no luck.


      Please help!!!!