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    Numbered Lists generating wrong in RH9?


      Our company recently upgraded (?) to RH9. I imported a RH7 project, apparantly with no problems - all the formatting looked normal. But, when I generate the project (FlashHelp), any place there are multiple-level numbered lists, the numbering scheme has been changed from the traditional 1. a. i. scheme, to all decimal numbers, also, the font the numbers are formatted in is different from the accompanying text, 12-point serif, vs 10-point non-serif, as if it's not reading the CSS, and applying default formatting. I've gone through the CSS and HTML code, and can't find anything obviously wrong. I've even tried stripping out the formatting by copying the text to Notepad, then copying it back into the topic and reapplying the List style from the CSS. Same result. Never had this problem in RH7. Does RH9 handle lists differently? I've spend about 8 hours on this, and am now tearing my hair out.