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    How to get two-page 11x17 layout into 8.5x11 PDF?


      Good morning,


      I am working on a 11x17 brochure which will be folded to appear as 4 pages.  Naturally, I would also like to have the PDF so it "prints" into 4 separate pages.  However, I just cannot seem to figure out how to accomplish this.  I am using InDesign CS5 and my pages are sized to 11x17 in my document.


      It seems this should be fairly straight forward to do.  If anyone can please explain what I am missing, I would really appreciate it.  At this point I am starting to conclude what I want is not possible to do without re-laying it out in a document with 8.5x11 pages.  Please tell me I am wrong!


      Thank you for your time in advance,