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    Document size in Fireworks


      I have a website that's made in fireworks, and up until a hardrive change a few weeks ago it displayed properly when accessed.



      Now it's been shrunk down somewhat and there are empty space white borders on the right and bottom edges of the screen.



      I've been messing around with the canvas and image sizes in fireworks but when I test the pages by hitting f12, they all show up too small. I don't remember changing the layout size, but since my comp repairs it has all been downsized. Even when I re-import the layout and fill the canvas to the edges, then try f12 again it displays as not filling out the screen.



      Is there any way to fix this?




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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Check the resolution. Modify > Image size.

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            Jetblue5 Level 1

            Thank you. I lengthened it from 1200x695 to 1250x695. I don't know why it needed to be changed, I thought 1200 fit my screen. Ah well.


            The problem was that my document size wasn't adjusting to the screen size, although it seems that before it was. Isn't there some kind of option to make your layout format itself to any screen size no matter the length and width?

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              IMHO 1200 or 1250 pixel layouts are too wide for web pages. You need to take into account that most people still are using 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolutions, and they don't necessarily view web pages with their browser windows maximised. You also need to reduce the dimensions by 20 pixels on each side to adjust for browser chrome. A good size to work with is 960 pixels wide.


              You can create fluid layouts, but that needs to be done in Dreamweaver or whichever HTML editor you are using. You can zoom in and out of the layout in Fireworks, but the actual pixel domensions remain static.