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    speed/duration for multiple clips adds frames?

    ktismael23 Level 1

      Hi, I'm doing a hand-animation project in which I'm running a video camera mounted viewing down onto my work surface, and I just press record and manipulate the objects on my workspace and then edit in Premiere to keep my hands out of the frame. In doing this I've made all the edits to get the sequence looking the way I like, but when I try to change speed / duration to sync up the video with the audio track I run into some problems. I can select all the clips in the sequence and then use the "Speed / Duration" command, but when I do, it seems to add frames at the end/ beginning of my clips (as evidenced by the fact that my hands show up in places where I'd previously edited them out).  It doesn't seem to matter whether I change the speed or the duration, I still gain frames that I'd previously removed.


      If I do it individually it works out fine, but considering I have about 50 of these sequences to do, with several dozen clips apiece, it would be nice to get some coarse control to speed up the whole group to fit within a certain duration and then adjust individual clips as needed. Are there any ideas out there of how to accomplish this? I suppose I could convert the video clips to stills (since that is essentially how their being used) but I kind of like the minor variations in lighting that result from using the video. 


      I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a bug, since it seems like once I have a clip and I've edited it to the frames I want, those old frames shouldn't show back up unless I use a slip or slide, not just from a duration change. But I fully accept the possibility that I'm just doing something stupid without realizing it. I am using the ripple edit option in the speed / duration box to get them back tail to head again. 


      Thanks for taking the time to read this,