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    Bulleted lists


      I'm working on an annual report. I copied and pasted the text from Word 2003

      as I couldn't import the file due to other charts and graphs and things the author did in Word. I don't know if this is the basis for my problem or not, but

      what is happening is that the first line of a bulleted list (helvetica 10 pt/12pt) after a paragraph heading (helvetica bold 12pt/14.4 pt) sometimes occurs with the correct leading and then next few times there is extra leading between the paragraph heading and the first bullet. It's driving me nuts. I've shown several IND experts and they said my style sheets are right, I've not added any special formatting that would be noted with a + and I'm using the same style sheets for everything. Why is this happening? AND, if I scroll the text box up from column one so that it spills to the column two , just to see what happens, voila, the extra leading disappears. What is going on and how to I fix it? I have a very long report with this problem, and not much time left to complete this job, so it needs to be fixed. Help, please?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          A visual would really help, but the behavior you are describing sounds like space before or space after added to one or the other of the paragraphs. You might not see it show up as an override depending on what's highlighted. Make sure you select the ENTIRE paragraph, including the paragraph marker at the end, and reapply the style.

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            Daniel Flavin Level 4

            Sounds like Align to Baseline Grid is on, maybe in the style.

            Baseline Grid is set to 12pt so it only shows when the head doesn't hit the grid

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              LonePR Level 1

              Here's a pdf of the page. Performance Measures 3A has the right leading

              and all the other bulleted lists on the page have an extra space.

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                LonePR Level 1

                I checked one page with lots of problems. For the paragraph heading, the

                "do not align to baseline grid" is clicked on (must be part of the style

                sheet I entered - don't recall noting this feature). The bulleted list

                have the "align to baseline grid" clicked on. Is there something I

                should have set on the style sheet? Don't understand?

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                  LonePR Level 1

                  Here's a sample page.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)


                    Please remove your personal info froom email responses. Everything is posted to the web.


                    File attachments are disabled (and a PDF wouldn't do us much good in any case for diagnosing this). You can embed screen capture images in a post by using the camera icon on the web page:




                    If the style for the bulleted items has align to grid enabled, that could certainly do what you are describing if the grid does not match the leading in use in the paragraph.

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                      Daniel Flavin Level 4

                      Your attachments will not appear on the forum. Use the Insert Image icon


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                      But, yes, the align to Baseline Grid is what is tripping you up.

                      Need help with that or got it? It is about a 70 word work through (150 maybe, maybe double that even)

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                        LonePR Level 1

                        Sorry, I'm new to these forums. Here's a snap shot. I'm not sure how to fix the baseline alignment.

                        bullet_leading issue sample.jpg

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                          LonePR Level 1

                          Yes, I think I need more explanation. Do I change my paragraph heading s

                          tyle sheet and/or bullet style sheet? What is the alignment

                          called within the style sheet? I only noticed those buttons on the tool bar. thanks

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                            LonePR Level 1

                            Ok, I've played with it and see how it works. I'm highlighting the entire bulleted list where an extra space occurs. Then I click "do not align to baseline grid" and it removes the space!  THANK YOU. But, why is it doing that sometimes and not other times when I'm using the same style sheets? Is this the way to fix it - occurance by occurance, or is there a setting in the style sheet to fix it throughout?  Thank you.

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                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                              You should redefine the style. Align to grid would be under Indents and Spacing in the style definition.


                              Normally a baseline grid is set up (you do this in the prefs, which is counterintuitive, or set up a custom grid for the text frame, which can be part of an object style) to match the leading of body text, and it's used to insure that body text always aligns across columns or spreads when headings are interspersed and they use a different leading value that would otherwise throw off the body text alignments. Depending on the values of the grid spacing and the leading used in the headings, and how many lines they are (a lot of variables here) your aligned-to-grid text could be on the next gridline below the heading, or it could skip a line, so the amount of added space is variable.


                              Align to grid tends to work best with single-line headings so the spacing is predictable, and it's common to add some space before or after value to the heading itself which when combined with the leading for that style will match a multiple of the leading in the body.

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                                LonePR Level 1

                                Do I redefine for the just the bulleted list, or just the paragraph headings, or both?

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                                  Daniel Flavin Level 4

                                  I'm not up for describing the virtues of baseline grid at the moment, beyond that in certain texts (maybe an annual report) is is preferable and easier to read if all text arranges to a neat baseline. It necessitates that the headings not be overly different from the body (point size - the leading is controlled by the baseline;rather, the two need to be mutual) - ugly leading ensues.


                                  Highlight everything, de-select the align to Baseline Grid, a plus should appear in one of the styles, Right Click the style and chose "Redefine Style"

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                                    LonePR Level 1

                                    Thank you very much for your help!  Much appreciated.