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    Selecting Overset Text In InCopy CS5 [AppleScript]

    Paul Chernoff

      I am trying to fix the AppleScript I used in InCopy CS3 to select overset text in CS5.


      In my old script I tell InCopy to select the overset text in the current story. Simple command:


      select text of last text column of myStory

      In CS5 it now selects the last column in the layout. So in CS3 the last column was defined as the overset set if there was overset text. Now it is the last column. I admit that I think this was a bug in CS3 but it worked for me.
      Now I have no way to select all Overset text. If I run

      set myOverset to overset text of myStory

      This will get me the number of lines of overset text. So I think, if I know the number of lines of overset set, then I can use the total number of lines of text, subtract the number overset lines, and that will tell me the first line I need to select. Doesn't work. If I try to find out the number of lines in a story, the result is less than the number of lines shown to me in Story View. The amount it is off varies.
      Does anyone have any ideas. Also, I have tried to select multiple lines using AppleScript but InCopy doesn't like that.