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    Resource Manager Not Copying Image

    JaredHess Level 1

      Howdy RHelpers,


      We finally bit the bullet and upgraded to RH 9 here.


      I'm running into a minor issue with the Resource Manager. I added our core project folder into the manager since it contains the most "resources" and I would like our several sub projects to start using linked images from this project.


      I can navigate to the image and find it just fine in the manager:

      9-1-2011 3-11-14 PM.jpg



      And in the Image dialog, it points to the correct location in the shared resource directory and shows the preview as expected:

      9-1-2011 3-11-28 PM.jpg


      But when click Apply and OK the image doesn't show up in my current project. The topic just shows the red box where it expects to find the image.

      9-1-2011 3-11-46 PM.jpg

      Opening this up, the Image dialog shows the Image name pathway where it expects to find the image in the current project:

      9-1-2011 3-15-39 PM.jpg


      I've done a search on the entire project and its subdirectories, but cannot find the image. I can of course manually copy it over, but that defeats the purpose of using the resource manager. Anyone else experiencing this? Any workarounds?


      Thanks in advance,




      * RoboHelp 9

      * Office 2010

      * Windows 7, 64-bit