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    Project settings for photo slide show for Elements 9


      Hello everyone.    Making a wedding slideshow of photos with pixels set to 1000 x 750 with elements 9.  Which project setting should I choose?  there is so many from the new video camera format, to HD Cameras, flip etc..  Widescreen, Standard, too many to choose but nothing for straight pictures.


      output will be computer to LCD screen, also will burn copies for viewing on LCD widescreen TVs via DVD.  Any direction would be appreciated and which setting to choose.  I am at a loss.


      Thanks in advance

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I would choose the NTSC (or PAL, if you live in PAL-land) DV Widescreen, based on that target DVD-Video.


          With Still Images only, one can then let the output determine the Project.


          One additional option, but the 1000 x 750 preculdes that, would be to do an HD Project, as per output to BD. Then, Export/Share that Project as a DV-AVI and Import that into a DV Widescreen Project for the DVD-Video. One would still have the BD, HD Project, should they ever wish to produce a BD.


          Now, are the Still Images originally from larger files, say 4000 x 3000? If they are, I would probably go with that HD Project, re-Scale the Stills to 1920 x 1080, or very similar, and work with those. As there ARE more pixels, one consideration would be whether there are too many of the Stills for the particular computer to handle.


          I always try to work with the highest def material, that I can, and then down-rez upon Export (with but a few exceptions).


          To summarize, either the HD Project (with re-Scaled Stills), and then Exported/Imported into a DV Project for the DVD-Video, or just starting the DV Widescreen, and going straight to DVD-Video would be fine.


          Good luck,