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    InDesign or Lifecycle to Interactive PDF


      I am new to InDesign and LyfeCycle


      I have put together a PDF Form that is interactive with dynamic navigation menu buttons on a master but have run into several roadblocks.


      1) While I can get the Acrobat 10 Form Wizard to work perfectly and recognize the placeholder fields when the PDF is only three pages, it stops recognizing the fields when the it has 28 pages.  I really dont want to have to add all the fields in on the Acrobat side. I tried layers and they didn't work.  The wizard only recognizes the navigational buttons but not of the fields.  We will be making frequent updates to this file and I dont want to draw 28 pages of radio boxes.


      2) Is it possible to program the PDF so that when I select a particular item off a drop down, that it will show/hide defined pages based on the selection?  So if I select product a and c from the PDF drop down, only pages 5,6,7 and 12,13,14 show up in the PDF?  Everything I have been reading says probably not from InDesign.  Some discussions say it can be done in LifeCycle but then dont tell me how.


      3) When I import the PDF into LifeCycle it loses the master design and the navigational buttons from InDesign.


      4) Can I solve the problem with JavaScrip in Acrobat?  Do I have to use LifeCycle?  What doesn't LifeCycle import InDesigned Masters from PDF?


      Any ideas?