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    additional topic being created on import and topic overwrite


      Our documentation is authored in Word 2010, imported into roboHelp HTML V8 and generated into the FlashHelp layout.


      Our Topics (in roboHelp) are created based on Heading 1 (a stylesheet item in Word).



      For a Word document that say contains only 1 topic (and therefore one Heading 1) when imported (into roboHelp) it is creating 2 topics eg. Topic_name.htm and Topic_name1.htm.


      The topic with the 1 appended to the end normally contains the documentation and the other (without the 1 appended to the end) is empty but looks like it contains a single column and row table.


      I have no idea why it is doing this or how to stop it ... it is completely destroying the overwriting of existing topics and hyperlinks.


      Please help me!!