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    Plug-in similar to Premier Title

    knchandan Community Member

      Hi All,

      I would like to develop a plug-in that shows a non modal dialog similar to Premiere 'Title' dialog. I would like to update the preview in 'Program Sequence' window
      when user updates the canvas in my window.

      Is Synthetic Importer a right choice for this kind of plug-in?
      Whether 'Title' is implemented as a plug-in or is it part of Adobe Premier itself?
      I noticed that Synthetic Importers are called by two processes - Premier itself and 'ImporterProcessServer.exe'. How to mange my window between these two processes?

      Thanks & Regards

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          bbb_999 Adobe Employee

          I think you'll want to write a Custom Importer.

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            Zac Lam Adobe Employee

            Hi Chandan,


            At this time, you can't replicate the functionality of the Title panel by a third-party plug-in.  The Premiere Pro SDK doesn't currently expose a way to create custom panels.  And you won't be able to trigger immediate updates to the Project Monitor when the user updates a title in your editor and hasn't yet saved it.


            If you create a custom importer as bbb mentions above, you can provide a modal dialog for your title editor.


            ImporterProcessServer is used in CS4, but no longer in CS5.x.  In CS4, imGetPrefs8, which is the selector sent to tell your custom importer to display it's modal dialog, will always be sent from the main Adobe Premiere Pro process, and not from ImporterProcessServer.





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              knchandan Community Member

              Thanks a lot.