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    Copyright strings missing in .mp4

    maybethisllwork Level 1

      5.0.3, running on x64win7 with 16gigs of ram and 100s of gigs of free drive space, omits from an exported or AME encoded .mp4 file the copyright strings: ©TIM ©TSC and ©TSZ. In Apple QuickTime, embedded in HTML, this causes the .mp4 file to download endlessly without playing. The mp4 files that have the copyright strings, or ©TIM alone, play normally.


      If i encode a one-minute clip, defined by the the work area, anywhere in the project, the copyright strings always appear. they disappear when i encode the entire 50-minute project.


      There are many 90-minute .mp4 movies that have the copyright strings and some that don't. All .mp4 files were encoded by AME using the default settings for H.264 Apple iPod, iPad.


      How do i convince 5.0.3 or 5.0.1, both of which have this failure, to consistently include the copyright strings in the encoded .mp4 file?