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    Having problems displaying unicode font for other languages.


      Hi there,


      I'm trying to get text at runtime from database and display on the flex application. The unicode text could be of any language as per user input.

      I'm using flash builder 4, flash player 10.3 on linux OS fc14 and have given Arial Unicode MS  FONT for the flex application.


      Initially i faced problem displaying hindi text, the decoding of text did not happen properly.

      i.e  हिन्दी used to diplay as हनिदी. The issue was found both in windows and linux OS.

      Then i changed the text component from mx.label to spark.RichText and observed that the font is displaying properly in windows OS,

      However in linux systems some hindi 'matra' symbols are not displaying at all. For people who are not aware of hindi script 'matra' symbols are modifiers to vowels and consonants in the language.

      i.e words like सेवाएं are displaying as सवाए.

      As a result of the issue the whole word changes into another, I'm not getting much help online as to what is the problem and why exactly there is a difference between windows and linux. The Arial Unicode MS font is working properly on openoffice writer and other applications. Only for flash player i have this issue.

      Will the new flex ie 4.5 solve this issue? or is it a problem with the flash player plugin?

      Any help to solve the issue would be highly appreciated, and if required i could also provide relevant sceenshots.


      Cheers and warm regards