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    Losing Render Previews by just clicking on layer?

    gishnetwork Level 1

      This is so frustrating... it seems to happen for particular sequences more than others.


      Basically, I can render effects of a sequence and get the whole bar green. Then, if I want to consider an edit, I click on a video layer - and I instantly lose the render state - the whole bar goes red.


      I am not clicking and shifting ever so slightly. I've even tried rendering the sequence in three portions, leaving a little gap between. If I click on a layer the whole thing loses render state.


      I was under the impression I had to change something (anything) in order for it lose lose the preview. I was also udner the impression that render segments are wholly individual, and PPRO will not require the entire sequence to be re-rendered if it does not have to be.


      I am not a seasoned video guy, so maybe this stuff is normal, but without being able to effectively search this forum, and by not turning anything up on google, I am at a loss.


      Thank you