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    Pr 8 El stops working

    T Sikkens

      Hello everyone,


      Since more than 2 years I use Pr El 8 without any significant problem. However, recently when I edit my movies, the program simply stops when I render a movie, it only renderes a few minutes in the time-line (and it is not possible that it continues) and when I want to share a movie (on HDD / DVD) that is only rendered for -let's saý- 30%: Pr El 8 stops working and shuts itself down.... I reinstalled the software, but that didn't help. I use the same hardware as I did when everything was fine....


      Does anyone know what the problem is here and what I can do to fix this?


      Kind regards,

      T Sikkens

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Please give us more information about your computer.


          How fast is your processor and how much RAM do you have? How much free, clean, freshly defragmented space is on your C drive? If you are using a Windows machine, when did you last run a program like Advanced System Care to tune it up?



          What operating system are you running?


          Are you editing video on your C drive or is your work on a second or external drive? If a second drive, have you ensured that this drive is formatted NTFS and not FAT32 (as they come from the factory)?


          What type of camcorder is your video coming from and how did you get it into your computer?

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            T Sikkens Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Good questions!

            I use a Quad Core Intel 2.66 gHZ PC, with 8 GB RAM, Win7 64bit.

            I edit on my C drive (320 GB free) I did not yet use the program in your reply, but I will do so.


            I use a Panasonic HDC-HS9 and I use USB2.0 the make the PC connection.

            My C drive is not fragmented.


            I am looking forward to your update.


            Kind regards,


            T Sikkens

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              This camcorder shoots in a number of modes. Which mode are you shooting in?


              If you plan on editing in Premiere Elements, I recommend you shoot in HX mode with a 60i frame rate. (Do NOT shoot in 60p or 24p or you'll have problems later.)


              Then, when you start your Premiere Elements project, make sure you set it up for Full AVCHD 1920x1080. Your camcorder can also shoot in stereo or 5.1 audio. Make sure that whichever you do shoot in, you set up your project for that audio format also.


              You also don't say how you're getting the video from the camcorder to your computer, but I'd recommend you use Premiere Elements' Video Importer, acccessed by clicking on the Get Media button and select the option for Flip, AVCHD and Hard Disk Camcorder.


              Then, when you're finished with your movie, rather than trying to go directly to a DVD, go to Share/Computer/AVI and output a DV-AVI of your video. Just to see if it works.


              If so, we'll tell you where to go from there.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I would also take a look at this ARTICLE, which starts as a checklist for curing crashes and hangs, and then works up to troubleshooting.


                Good luck,



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                  T Sikkens Level 1

                  Hi Steve,


                  It still isn't working.... I can edit a project, although PE sometimes stops working.

                  However, a short movie (7 minutes), shot in HX mode and imported as you described, works....


                  But, when I use MPEG2 material: editing and rendering is fine, until I try to share the project. It does not matter which format (MPEG, AVI, flash, you name it) I choose..... The program simply quits between 60 and 80%, when it is saving the movie. The same happens -by the way- when I use AVCHD material. There is no difference.


                  So, I uninstalled PE8 and installed the PE10 trial version. Same outcome..... PE stopsn at exact the same phase in the process.


                  I also took notice of your previous tips and trics, but there is still zero result. Wanna buy my PC.........?


                  so...euh...can you still help me out? (it is very frustrating)


                  Kind regards,

                  Teunis-Jan Sikkens

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    This MPEG -- is it from a camcorder? What's its resolution, frame rate and compression ?


                    Open the MPEG in a program like G Spot or Media Info and see what information you can find out. The program seems to be working fine. It's just this MPEG we need to make concessions for.