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    Resize a whole project?


      Hi guys, apologies if this has been covered, I searched but did not find!

      I'm new to CS5.5 after being away since, I think, Macromedia was around. I just bought CS5.5 soley for creating simple, fun Android apps for my son (animated storybooks etc).


      However, I'm constantly changing my phones and we also have a tablet and the wife has a phone with a small resolution.


      What I'm wanting to do, is create an app that's at a resolution for my tablet (1024x600), but then also be able to scale it down to my Optimus 3D (800x480) and the Wife's Xperia Mini Pro (640x480)


      Now, there will be bitmaps in there, so I didn't want the phone/Air resizing the app to fit the screen and using more ram and cpu than needed so I was wanting to create 2 or 3 versions all at different resolutions.


      Is this something that's easily done?

      I've tried resizing but all it does is the stage and none of the elements, if I do the elements it messes up the sizes in the keyframes


      thanks for any help