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    HELP!  Exporting pdf issues - no email links and gray boxes around text

    needamocha Level 1

      I'm a newbie to indesign, and trying to learn the program as I go.  I need to export my pdf for onscreen viewing.  When I "print" it works, but I get no email links, and those annoying white lines here and there.  I read that exporting would solve the email link issue, but it opened another can of worms for my project.  Now all my graphics have black or gray boxes across them, almost like censor boxes.  But my email links work. 


         Learning Adobe is like learning a new language, and I have far from mastered it.  So when I exported, I used the lowest resolution presets, assuming it knew what worked better than I did.  After dozens of unsuccessful exports, can someone please help??


           Also, I've been reading posts that say to convert all spots to color to resolve the white line issue.  But it's grayed out in the ink manager.  What is the secret to unlock it?


      Thank you!!