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    New to ActionScript2


      I have Studio8 and decided to learn ActionScript 2 in Flash about 20 minutes ago.

      I want to make the simplest player for my kid.


      (1)     Text (a new vocabulary word for Johnny)

      (2)     a play button movie clip that plays a sound file

      (3)     a forward button movie clip that will gotoAndStop to a new scene:"scene2"

      (4)     a back button movie clip that will gotoAndStop to the previous scene:"scene1"


      I have all of the movie clips on their own layers and am attemping to action script a listening event onPress in each new KeyFrame to gotoAndStop to the next vocabulary word.  If the user gets stuck on the vocabulary word, pressing the play button movie clip instance will play the sound file:


      (a) forward button


      1.     _root.forward_mc.onPress = function()Void{     // call in_voc()
      2.      in_voc();
      3.     }

      4.     in_voc();
      5.     function in_voc(){                                             // have in_voc() gotoAndStop at the next vocab. word
      6.      _root.forward_mc.gotoAndStop(scene:"in");
      7.     }



      Now, I am new to this ActionScript and don't have any previous experience in programming and have no idea what I'm doing.  Anyone want to help?

      Thanks again!