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    Remote AMF Call cannot handle redirect


      I'm using Flex, Blaze DS and Spring Security 3.0.5.  I use a custom session control mechanism that will expire the user based on certain conditions.  So, when the Flex application makes a request (after a successful login) through async AMF remote call, the server may expire the session and issue a redirect to the login page.  Problem is, Flex AMF remote call does not know how to handle the redirect.


      I thought of throwing an exception (SessionExpireException) on the server.  The Flex app would catch the exception and redirect the user to the login page.

      The problem is, I have hundreds of different AMF remote call.  I don't want to go through the code and identify them all to add the exception handling.  Is there a way where I config Flex to use my method first?


      What I want to do is kind of like a servlet filter, where I would be filtering the response.  If the response contains the SessionExpirationException, then redirect; otherwise, continute on with the nex filter....