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    Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 won't even start

    Stanley Arthur Level 3

      So, here I am at day 5 of the full CS5.5 install (after the trial period, during which everything functioned well) and each day there has been some new challenge. Today, Adobe Media Encoder just simply will not run. Not when trying to do an export from PPro and not just by itself, either. I get a splash screen for a few seconds, then it goes away and I get the notification that it has stopped working. Rebooting the system has not cured it. This isn't a game-stopper, inasmuchas I can still import a PPro sequence to After Effects and export from there. But certainly, I would like to use the AME. I also tried using the "Export" button in PPro's Export Settings window. Thankfully, it also works.


      My first instinct was to attempt an uninstall / reinstall of AME, but I found that uninstalling AME is not an option. I'm guessing it's part of another application, possibly PPro, but I don't know.


      What say you?