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    Uncompiled Actionscript error when debugging iPad app

    pcoyne1979 Level 1

      Hi, I created an iPad app using Flex 4.5. It seems to work fine when running on my desktop PC but when I compile it for the iPad it doesn't. I get this error



      "Your application is attempting to run uncompiled Actionscript, probably due to the use of an embedded SWF. This is unsupported on the iPhone. See the Adobe Developer Connection website for more info."


      I'm not embedding any SWFs, especially not any SWFs with scripts attached. I am however using a singleton class that holds a reference to a loaded SWF. Although that SWF doesn't have any scripts on it either, it was just converted from a PDF page, and I know it loads ok when using a SWFLoader component, so that must be fine.


      My question is, can you use singleton classes with mobile apps? Especially ones compiled for iOS. I need the singleton because I have to load a SWF file before I move to the next view, so that the transition displays the SWF image immediately. I don't want the view to be created first because the SWF then doesn't display right before the transition happens.


      Any help would be appreciated, cheers.