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    Hating Flash past cs4


      Hey guys!


      I work at a medium sized television animation studio and a few years back we moved up to cs5 from Flash 8.  We had no end of problems and it ended up freezing our schedule so hard that we downgraded every copy of it on our machines down to cs4.  I have since spoken with a director at another studio and when I mentioned that I found cs5 problematic he immediately went on a rant about it himself!  His studio also hated it!  A lot of the features Adobe changed just made our lives harder.


      Now, we are not programmers so we don't know if those elements have improved or made things easier for coders.  But for animators, the program has started making things more difficult, from drawing into rotated symbols to the new tweens being a major headache.


      Is there any chance that Adobe knows about these problems?  Has this come up before and do they realize that, at least for broadcast animation, Flash is becoming more unwieldy and difficult to use?


      I thought I heard about an idea to make an "animation" version of the program that doesn't cater to coding so much, since the program is very heavily being used to produce television shows now (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Wordgirl I know for a fact are flash-based shows).


      I know Flash is also used for more web-based things like site design and iphone apps, but is there any way to make things more accessible to traditional animators who are using it to produce shows or even movies?


      I'd love to hear back on this and see if there's already been any discussion on this before.  I'd especially love to hear from Adobe people but I'd also like to see if anyone else is experiencing a headache from this change.


      Any and all thoughts are appreciated!  Thanks!

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          Lon Winters Level 4

          I haven't used CS5, so I wasn't aware of how much different it was than 4. But I think that some of the things you mention were still introduced in 4, such as the new teed ing methods - unless they were changed even further.I'm afraid that now it is more for programmers is you want to utilize it more to it's potential, and that includes AS3. I'm still on CS4 and AS2 as it is enough for the few Flash projects that I have had. I spent a lot of time learning Flash and AS2 and I used to use Flash a lot more before it started to become less important on the web. As a developer, there is a push to keep up, nut on the other hand, if the tool you're using works, and does what you need it to do there is nothing wrong with that. The question is, will investing the time and effort into the newer methods and technologies pay off in the end? That can be answered by those who have made the transition and can attest to whether they can do not only the same things faster, easier and better, but also things they could not previously accomplish.

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            Jay_Armstrong Level 2

            I'm not sure what else you are referring to as far as changes between Flash 8 and CS5, but as far as the new tweening method is concerned, the old method is still in Flash just as it was before. The new method adds a lot of features that the old "classic" model lacked, but the reverse is still true to some extent, and the old model is still right there for you to use just as it was in CS3 and CS4. (BTW, the new motion tween method was added in CS4.)


            Here are a couple of articles/resources on adobe.com that should help explain the differences and pros and cons of each:



            I'm guessing that there were other issues you had with CS5, but hopefully this info will help with your tween work.

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              Hi, I'm a little late to this discussion. I also have HATED the "new and improved" tweening in Flash CS5 and have just gone back to utilizing the classic tweening as it gives me so much more control over character animation. I agree that it seems as though Adobe thought it was improving it's usability when in fact it was actually alienating animators. And now I've begun noodling with Edge and see right away that the same non-intuitive animation is being carried over from CS5 Flash. I'm so disappointed in Adobe. I'm going to be at the HOW Interactive Design conference next week and plan on finding a representative to bend their ear a bit. Grr.